Published Poetry


Bower, Rachel. Moon Milk. Valley Press (forthcoming, July 2018).

Bower, Rachel and Helen Mort (eds). Verse Matters. Scarborough: Valley Press, December 2017.


Rachel’s poems have featured in Stand MagazineFrontier Poetry, The Interpreter’s HouseAnd Other PoemsPopshot MagazineStrixThe Flambard Prize Winners’ Anthology 2017, Remembering Oluwale Anthology, Verse Matters Anthology, Peacock, Foxglove Journal, Laldy, Atrium, Visual Verse, Picaroon Poetry, Now Then and many others.

Rachel has also had poems commissioned by BBC Radio and Apples & Snakes.


‘Postnatal Ward’, was awarded Fourth Prize in the York Literature Poetry Prize 2018.

‘Oyster’ and ‘Faith’ came Second and Third in the Mother’s Milk Books Writing Prize 2017

‘Aubade’, ‘Fruit’, ‘Track’, ‘Slow Ship’ and ‘Stones’ were shortlisted for the 2017 Flambard Poetry Prize, Newcastle University

‘Moonlodge’ was longlisted in Mslexia Poetry Competition 2017

‘Amber’ was shortlisted for the London Magazine Poetry Prize 2016

‘Soul Seed’ was longlisted for the Plough Prize, 2015.



Bower, Rachel. “FoalingAnd Other Poems (15 June 2018)

Bower, Rachel. “Postnatal Ward” Fourth Prize, York Literature Festival Poetry Prize 2018.

Bower, Rachel. “Little Marys” The Interpreter’s House 67 (April 2018)

Bower, Rachel. Five Poems: “Hope”; “Tanka”; “Sugar Beet”; “Moon Milk”; “Light Work”. Peacock Journal (March 2018).

Bower, Rachel. “Custard Creams” Bonnie’s Crew Anthology (for Children’s Heart Surgery Fund). Edited by Kate Garrett. (May 2018)

Bower, Rachel “Revolution” & “Light Work” Bonnie’s Crew Blog (Children’s Heart Surgery Fund). Edited by Kate Garrett. (February 2018)

Bower, Rachel. “A Quite Unsuitable Game” Podcast 3/3 Apples and Snakes North, (6 January 2018)

Bower, Rachel. “Light” Frontier Poetry (January 2018)

Bower, Rachel. “Tone Deaf” Atrium (January 2018)

Bower, Rachel. “Speck.” Laldy #1 Clochoderick Press, Paisley (2018)

Bower, Rachel. “Sheffield to Aleppo”; “Amber” Verse Matters Anthology, Valley Press, 2017.

Bower, Rachel. “Fruit”; “Stones”; “Track”. The Flambard Prizewinners’ Anthology 2017.

Bower, Rachel. “Note to a Neighbour” The Writers’ Cafe Magazine #3, December 2017.

Bower, Rachel. “What Colour is the Wind?” Strix #2, November 2017.

Bower, Rachel. “Big Issue” Picaroon Poetry Issue #11, November 2017.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Son’ Wordlife, Now Then Manchester. September 2017 

Bower, Rachel. Waiting; Cherries; New BeginningsFoxglove Journal July-August 2017

Bower, Rachel. “Shades” Visual Verse 4.7, May 2017.

Bower, Rachel. “Yarl’s Wood” (a palimpsest translation of Anne Askew’s “The Ballad Which Anne Askew Made and Sang When She Was in Newgate, 1546”). The Stare’s Nest, 23 April 2017.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Sheffield to Aleppo, November 2016‘. Wildcat Dispatches: for Dangerous Times, December 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Women of Steel‘. Commissioned by BBC National Poetry Day 2016 / Forward Foundation. Abridged video version by BBC also available. Also published in Now Then, Issue 108, 2017.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Amber’ Shortlisted for the London Magazine Poetry Prize 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Warning’ Visual Verse 3.9, 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Shard’ Full Moon and Foxglove. Sheffield: Three Drops Press, 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Coppers’ Remembering Oluwale: An Anthology. Scarborough: Valley Press, 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Orange Blossom’; ‘City Square’; Silk Flowers’ Fresh and Featured. Pankhearst Press, 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Interview.’ Fresh and Featured, Pankhearst Press, 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Candy’; ‘Blue Nails’ Stand 14.2 (2016)

Bower, Rachel. ‘Persephone’ Beltane Anthology. Three Drops From a Cauldron, 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Soul Seed’ Fresh. Pankhearst Press, 2015.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Soul Seed.’ Longlisted for the Plough Prize 2015.



Bower, Rachel. Moon Milk. Valley Press (forthcoming, July 2018).

A really beautiful sequence which focuses on pregnancy and childbirth without an ounce of sentimentality. Rachel Bower’s poems blew me away.  I loved the mythologising, the variety of form, the delicate handlng of emotion and the feminist angle. A very fine book.” (Carole Bromley)

Rachel Bower portrays very early motherhood with startling originality, exploring the natural world in new and sensual ways.” (Rebecca Goss, Judge’s Report, 2017 Flambard Poetry Prize)

Rachel Bower’s poems brim with generosity and intelligence. Her work takes an unsentimental-but-joyous look at motherhood, and there’s always hope and comfort in the way her writing defamiliarises the world. These poems are intimate and honest, full of strange fruit, glimpses of the moon, moments of privacy. They create new desire paths in language – paths you won’t be able to resist following.” (Helen Mort)

Rachel Bower’s work was rich in the language of body, around a theme of birth that used fruit, ships and animal imagery to explore the experience” (Ellen Phethean, Judge’s Report, 2017 Flambard Poetry Prize)

Bower, Rachel and Helen Mort (eds). Verse Matters. Scarborough: Valley Press, December 2017.

Featuring new writing from: Nick Allen, Charlotte Ansell, Catherine Ayres, Liz Berry, Jacob Blakesley, Laurie Bolger, Malika Booker, Rachel Bower, S J Bradley, Carole Bromley, Debjanee Chatterjee, Louise Clines, Hannah Copley, Beth Davies, Carol Eades, Suzannah Evans, Bashar Farahat, Kate Garrett, Katherine Henderson, Jo Irwin, Amy Kinsman, Ethel Maqeda, Char March, Hollie McNish, Mimi Mesfin, Vicky Morris, Helen Mort, Sai Murray, Wendy Pratt, Shelley Roche-Jacques, Shirin Teifouri, Sez Thomasin, River Wolton and Warda Yassin.

The editors, both Sheffield-based, award-winning writers, have ensured a high standard, and selected these poems and stories for their promise and their power.” (Debjanee Chatterjee, MBE)

This anthology hopes to confirm the legislative power of fiction, to show that – in times like these – it is more important than ever to celebrate words that attest to being alive – and being human. We want to insist on human connections in times in which these are being eroded.” Rachel Bower & Helen Mort (editors)

Rachel Bower “Light” Frontier Poetry, January 2018

“Rachel Bower’s “Light” takes residence in the calm back of the throat between breaths. From her choices around line break and caesura, to the unforgettable image of the “dawn-woman”—who of us is without a dawn-woman inside?—Bower crafts a poem for the pause we all need.” (Frontier Poetry, January 2018)