Published Poetry

BOOKS (forthcoming)

Bower, Rachel. Moon Milk. Valley Press, Spring 2018.

Bower, Rachel and Helen Mort (eds). Verse Matters. Scarborough: Valley Press, November 2017.


Bower, Rachel. “Tone Deaf” Atrium (forthcoming, January 2018)

Bower, Rachel. “Speck.” Laldy #1 Clochoderick Press, Paisley (forthcoming, 2017)

Bower, Rachel. “Big Issue” Picaroon Poetry Issue #11, November 2017.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Son’ Word Life, Now Then Manchester. September 2017 

Bower, Rachel. Waiting; Cherries; New BeginningsFoxglove Journal July-August 2017

Bower, Rachel. “Shades” Visual Verse 4.7, May 2017.

Bower, Rachel. “Yarl’s Wood” (a palimpsest translation of Anne Askew’s “The Ballad Which Anne Askew Made and Sang When She Was in Newgate, 1546”). The Stare’s Nest, 23 April 2017.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Sheffield to Aleppo, November 2016‘. Wildcat Dispatches: for Dangerous Times, December 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Women of Steel‘. Commissioned by BBC National Poetry Day 2016 / Forward Foundation. Abridged video version by BBC also available. Also published in Now Then, Issue 108, 2017.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Amber’ Shortlisted for the London Magazine Poetry Prize 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Warning’ Visual Verse 3.9, 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Shard’ Full Moon and Foxglove. Sheffield: Three Drops Press, 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Coppers’ Remembering Oluwale: An Anthology. Scarborough: Valley Press, 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Orange Blossom’; ‘City Square’; Silk Flowers’ Fresh and Featured. Pankhearst Press, 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Interview.’ Fresh and Featured, Pankhearst Press, 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Candy’; ‘Blue Nails’ Stand 14.2 (2016)

Bower, Rachel. ‘Persephone’ Beltane Anthology. Three Drops From a Cauldron, 2016.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Soul Seed’ Fresh. Pankhearst Press, 2015.

Bower, Rachel. ‘Soul Seed.’ Longlisted for the Plough Prize 2015.