Verse Matters

Rachel crowd VM 0316

Matters of Verse. Verse that Matters.

Rachel founded Verse Matters, an intersectional feminist arts collective, in June 2015. Verse Matters is now run by the collective, who organise bi-monthly events at The Theatre Deli in Sheffield, creating a supportive space for people to share poetry, music and stories. All events are open to all and are pay what you can. The Verse Matters collective includes  Kiran MB, Sez Thomasin, Salomée Béranger, Aiyanna Lund, Jeana Malhi and Jo Irwin. Thanks also go to Kev Titterton and Mick Nott for tirelessly running the S2 Foodbank at every event. Find out more about future events on the Verse Matters website or join the Verse Matters group on Facebook.

The Verse Matters Anthology was published in November 2017! I co-editied the anthology with Helen Mort  and it was published by the brilliant Scarborough-based publisher, Valley Press.



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